She Made a Difference:  Disability awareness, compassion, and making friends in the community.

Elle JohnsonGrowing up with a sister as special as Evie you can’t help but be full of mixed emotions. I refuse to sit here and try to make you believe that I have never been angry or wondered why Evie is the way she is, but when dealing with something that is unchangeable you have to learn how to see the good in things. But that is the thing about Evie; you can’t help but be at your happiest when around her. Evie's love and light is a kind that shines for miles and miles. I understand you all may think that this may be biased because after all she is my sister, but I promise if you are able to spend just 5 minutes with her you will understand. If you truly know me you will understand when I say I am not your typical “pageant girl” but when learning about the opportunities that come with the Miss America system I was immediately interested. You see, there are plenty of people who are unaware of the true abilities of people with special needs. I hope to someday win the title of Miss Arkansas and take that year and those connections to expand the knowledge concerning special needs and how to create friendships out of those situations.